Any worker who is hired to clear dust and ash from chimneys is a Chimney Sweep Seattle. In chimneys, a pressure difference is caused by using a hot gas column that creates a draught and draws air all over wood or hot coals to have continuous combustion process. Chimneys are of different design, they may be straight and may have any bend in the direction according to the architecture of the building. On the inside of the chimneys, a layer of creosote is built up during its normal operation and may restrict the flow. This layer of creosote is very dangerous as it can catch fire. Thus it increases the chance of putting on fire the chimneys and the whole building. As a result, chimneys need to be swept on a regular basis to remove the soot to avoid the danger of burning. And this must be done by a master of sweeping. Moreover, due to the presence of carcinogen component in the soot of Chimneys, there is a chance of being suffered from cancer. This carcinogenic component is also present in the smoke of cigarette and is long being studied and researched. This Chimney Sweep Seattle has grown in many countries. In the United Kingdom, apprentices work with master sweeps and these apprentices are basically who belonged from workhouse or they were trained to climb up to chimneys. In German states masters of chimney sweep belonged to trade leagues and climbing boys were not used. Moreover in Italy, Belgium and France chimney sweep used climbing boys.

Age of industrialisation brought about a great change in the lives of people. With the increase in population resulting in an increase in some houses, more space was used for chimneys and chimney sweep business grew and became most important. With the marvels and advancement in the field of arts and architecture, buildings grew higher and higher and more experiments were done on the size and shapes of chimneys as well. And grates of flues involved vertical and horizontal sections and two or more right angled section. Vents of chimneys were narrowed down for creating better draught for continuous combustion. 14 by 9 inch became a common standard. This chimney sweeping is most hazardous, difficult and mostly low-paying task of the era and is most of the time mocked at in writings and daily life.

Chimney Sweep Seattle advanced with the invention of the first mechanical sweeping machine by George Smart in 1803but UK and US provided a great deal of resistance to this machine. In 1828, another more advanced and improved version of the sweeping machine was marketed by John Glass in 1803 and made himself the inventor of modern brushes used for Chimney Sweep. But eventually, this trade was given up by white people and black sweep-boys were employed back from the south. When the regulation was helped up in 1875, this occupation was romanticised among people in literature and popular media. And it is since the previous two years that Chimney Sweep Seattle was considered as a man.


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