The business of Chimney Sweep Seattle grew with industrialisation and increase in some people. Where conditions and requirements were set up for the Chimney Sweeps, conditions to which these people were exposed in working place were also examined. Various societies set up their workplace conditions and showed much concern and promoted mechanical means for chimneys cleaning. And through those societies’ efforts, we can have a clear idea about the necessities of the job. Chimney Sweeps have to face many problems. Because of the modern architecture that uses sharp angles, most of the Sweeps face drastic conditions. One of the incidents reported was that a boy was extracted out of a Chimney lifeless. Factors that that made him die were a large amount of soot stored in the chimney and the very sharp angles used by the architect for the house. A large amount of soot made his endeavours fail to move forward, and sharp angle prevented him from moving backwards. Face being covered with a climbing cap that was pressed hard by soot in the flue eventually stopped his breath. His moaning and groaning could not help him survive, and he died in a moment. And his death was called as an accidental death.

These hazards were not the only type of occupational hazards that Chimney Sweep Seattle had to suffer. Most of other boys who died on the workplace were reported to die because of general neglect, and it was revealed that very little growth was there in the spine, legs and arms and they suffered from drastic deformity. Such people were left in the same abnormal condition until their bones get hardened. Most of the workers had to suffer from deformity or affection in knees and ankles. If they had any sore or inflammation of the eyelid, that could result in loss of eyesight and slowed down healing process because of same severe working conditions. Due to constant work in the overheated environment, skin burns and bruises were obvious hazards that Chimney Sweeps had to face.

Moreover, one type of cancer of scrotum that is referred to as Chimney Sweep Seattle cancer was also found only in Chimney Sweeps. And other diseases such as asthma and chest inflammation was associated with the Chimney Sweeps as they had to work out in all living conditions and all weathers. This Chimney Sweep cancer which was known as soot wart by sweeps usually occurred in late teens or twenties of the sweep. Due to the manifestation of scrotal squamous cell carcinoma, it occurred in the late twenties of Sweeps. First time Sir Percival Pott reported in a climbing boys in 1775, and it was declared as first industrial related cancer. The inferior part of the scrotum is victimised first by this cancer and then pervades to skin, scrotum membranes and dartos seizing testicles and enlarging and hardening them, thus leading to spermatic process in the stomach.

Chimney Sweep Seattle had to face peculiarly hard fate and brutality. Working in hot Chimneys burn them, bruise them and suffocates them. In puberty, they have got a painful and fatal disease that could no longer be treated.


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