Chimney Sweep Seattle business has grown tremendously in Seattle and Washington area. This cleaning of fireplace and Chimneys is very important to clear carcinogenic component and creosote that is highly flammable substance to reduce the risk of Chimney Fire. Fireplaces built in a factory, masonry fireplaces, wood stove chimneys, biofuel pellet stove and gas fireplace are some of the types of Chimneys, and they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. It is recommended that these fireplaces, stoves and vents should be inspected every year at least to have clearances from ashes and deposits and to have soundness of Chimneys.

Various companies of Chimneys Sweep Seattle are working in Seattle, and some of them are proved safe and reliable to hire because of the quality of work and low wages. These top 5 companies are listed by top ten requirements of the research. These requirements are; competence, value, carry liability, insurance, and protection for customers, reliability, documentation, verification accessibility and punctuality. Moreover, previous customers were also called upon to give reviews of top ten Chimney Sweep companies in Seattle.

The very first company in the list is “All American Chimney Service & Repair” with services like soot free chimney cleaning, flue cleaning, chimney caps cleaning, etc. and they have access to most of the areas of Washington and have served in Seattle Washington, King County Washington, Redmond Washington, Renton, Bellevue and Meridian Washington. The second company of the list is “Excel Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning Service” offers services like flue cleaning, fireplace cleaning, and provide efficient Chimney Sweep Seattle for Chimney cleaning services. Third company on the top ten companies list is “Fireplace & Chimney Service”. This company have earned a good name in Seattle, King County, Bellevue, Kent, Renton, Federal Way WA and Auburn Washington and claims for sending professional chimneys sweeps and experienced in creosote removal and chimney liners. The company that comes at number four is “Ace Chimney Service & Repair LLC” that offers Chimney Sweeps for chimney cleaning and chimney maintenance and flue cleaning and has served in areas such as Renton, King County, Kenmore, Seattle, Bellevue, Auburn and Issaquah. Last but least of the top five companies is “Joel’s Chimney Sweep Service” that focuses on creosote removal, chimney sweeping and flue cleaners.

In Seattle, best Chimney Sweep Seattle are those who are proven safe and easy to hire. Any state license for Chimney Cleaner in Washington states such as Seattle is not required. And on the same basis when no state license is required, chimney sweeps do not require to show proof their liability insurance or company insurance before getting hired and cleaning Chimneys. If some employee of Chimney Sweep Company gets injured at the workplace, chimney cleaners will have no access or claim to worker’s company and hiring person will be held accountable. On the vice versa, if any chimney cleaner damages any of the workplace property accidently, the company will not offer any liability assurance and the person himself will be held liable.


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